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5.0 out of 5 stars If it sounds too good to be true chances are it is! December 8, 2013
By Pauline
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What a provocative storyline! Teresa Dowell takes you on a journey and loses you in this imaginary world while keeping you grounded in the reality that this could be a plausible gesture for America to make. She makes you question your patriotism and your place in America; perhaps longing for or wondering if this magnanimous gesture by America to make reparations to it's disenfranchised is genuine, or are they using these people as pawns, yet again, in their efforts to create the "Master Country". My emotions were all over the place as the story unfolds. I enjoyed it tremendously and would definitely recommend it!

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Thought Provoking! 

Wow, this is skillfully written and made me really think! I enjoyed the read, and would definitely recommend.
TDV=Talented, Daring & Valiant 

If you've never had the opportunity to watch or read anything by this woman, YOU ARE MISSING OUT!!! I've read excerpts of this book and I cannot WAIT to dive into the full story. Dowell-Vest puts her whole heart and soul into every one of her projects and NEVER disappoints. She's on her way to being one of the biggest names in history, on and off the screen. Don't miss another masterpiece. YOU NEED TO GET THIS BOOK!! NOW!! You won't regret it!!
Passage Home 

Well written and intelligent. Provokes thought and makes you want more. Well done, Teresa!

well written, thought provoking book...leaves you wanting more. what if???
Passage Home 

Teresa Dowell- Vest has done it again with this brilliant Sci fi. I was hooked from the start. It's a page turner, leaving you wanting more and more. BUY the book.
Break Out Wow! 

Teresa's first release is a gripping read from the start. The characters are compelling, interesting and well developed. I want to be in their lives and learn more about them, have dinner with them and be their friends.  The emotional story line is a roller coaster ride from beginning to end. At one point I was happy, sad, mad, proud, annoyed and down right angry all at the same time. Teresa tells a very poignant story about what can happen if we let bigotry and hate seep into and take over our lives...and we don't realize it. Bravo on a great piece of work Teresa! Well done!!

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Ordered your book on Tuesday night - got the link to download on Wed morning. Read on my train commute each morning and afternoon and finished in 5 trips. Each trip is 25 or so minutes! Damn that shit is fire! Didn't want to put it down! Felt like I was watching a movie. The whole time, I kept thinking "this shit could really happen though!" Haha! Great story and well written! You are truly talented! Now I will patiently await my autographed copy so I can bask in your impending success! Nice job and congrats! Sequel?? 
-Wale E.

"Bravo Terésa Dowell-Vest. I just finished reading "Passage Home" and I LOVED it. That's right completed it in 2 days. When is the next book coming out?"
-Jan B.

"Wow, Terésa Dowell-Vest. That was an incredible ride!"
-Marcus W.

"Ummm, Wow!! I recently read, Passage Home, By Teresa Dowell-Vest. I was stunned, shocked, left wanting more and more…Passage Home is a futuristic look at America where Corporations hold the real power, money is not what it used to be, Social Security is destroyed, citizens are given half truths, all of your identity is vulnerable to technology, racism is a driving force and families are torn apart… Wait, maybe this isn’t so futuristic.."
-Michelle A.
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"Every single character in the book I could relate back to knowing someone like that in my current circle. What made this book so powerful was there isn’t just one hero–when there are difficult choices that have to be made, there is a hero inside each of us. I don’t want to give too much of the plot away. Let’s just say there are some points that had me screaming NOOOOO!!!! Even though the book is categorized as Science Fiction, my mind kept replaying all of the immigration debates over the last few election cycles. I have always been a huge fan of Dowell-Vests’ short vignettes and her first novel definitely did not disappoint."
-Annise M.