Book Synopsis

“Passage Home” is the story of the day America killed currency, demolished the Social Security program, federally issued new tracking numbers for all citizens, mass deported those who could not prove citizenship, sealed the borders, and sent Black Americans back to less than a year. Set in the year 2019, this 400 year anniversary of Africans in America would be like no other celebration we have ever known.  "Passage Home" looks at what happens when the curtain is pulled back on the relationship between the federal government and large  corporations in the name of progress. 

The story is told from the prospective of the four Dracel brothers. 
Major Dexter Dracel is a career Army major leading the construction of the Mandela Liberty Transcontinental Highway...while preparing his wedding to Sergeant Shane secret.  Jamison Dracel is the Vice President of Public Relations for the USA Corporation and creator of the Dracel Card, the new electronic citizen identification card. Franklin Dracel is a public school teacher whose faith in education and the good will of men leaves him vulnerable to discover he may have been wrong about the will of others, including his family.  Craig Dracel is the youngest, most rebellious of the brothers who works at the Norfolk shipyard where the Sankofa ships are built and cares for their aging father, Les.  Together, the Dracel brothers play a significant part in the evolution and revolution of America.

“Passage Home” is the second book published by Diva Blue Productions.  “Passage Home” is the first of a series of books, all telling the story of how America and its citizens were changed between 2019 and 2020.